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May-2015Fabrication of ultra-sharp tips from carbon fiber for scanning tunneling microscopy investigations of epitaxial graphene on 6H-SiC(0001) surfaceMorán Meza, José Antonio; Lubin, Christophe; Thoyer, F.; Villegas Rosales, Kevin Amilcar; Gutarra Espinoza, Abel Aurelio; Martin, F.; Cousty, Jacques;;
Jun-2015Reverse electrochemical etching method for fabricating ultra-sharp platinum/iridium tips for combined scanning tunneling microscope/atomic force microscope based on a quartz tuning forkMorán Meza, José Antonio; Polesel Maris, J.; Lubin, Christophe; Thoyer, F.; Makky, A.; Ouerghi, A.; Cousty, Jacques;; jpoleselmaris@;; francois.;; abdelkarim.ouerghi@;
Jun-2015Tip induced mechanical deformation of epitaxial graphene grown on reconstructed 6H–SiC(0001) surface during scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy studiesMorán Meza, José Antonio; Lubin, Christophe; Thoyer, François; Cousty, Jacques;;;;
Mar-2016Understanding the STM images of epitaxial graphene on a reconstructed 6H-SiC(0001) surface: the role of tip-induced mechanical distortion of grapheneMorán-Meza, José A.; Cousty, Jacques; Lubin, Christophe; Thoyer, François;;
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